Automated systems of internal transport

Automated systems of internal transport allow for self-operating transport of standardized loads in the building—also between different levels. Different types of loads can be transported, using our working platforms. Packages are transported via roller-driven and belt conveyors, lifts and gravity spiral conveyors. The main advantages of the solutions suggested above include their reliability, speed, and simplicity of operation. We create internal transport warehouse systems as well as manage them at the input of materials and goods to the company. Our systems work not only as standalone devices, but also as advanced system solutions. These systems connect the whole internal transport in a company with the logistics and storage into one uniform system.

Order picking zone automation

Order picking is one of the basic storage phases in which products stored in a warehouse are collected in accordance with internal orders created based on customers’ orders. Due to the fact that order picking additionally requires decisions on the character and form of product transport from the supplier to the recipient, it generates the highest execution costs, which results, among others, from special risk of any types of errors and mistakes. Such a situation, in turn, presents order picking as a crucial element of the whole warehousing, and its optimization may increase the efficiency of this process—which can be achieved both from the perspective of a process and of an infrastructure. The latter aspect is mostly technical and refers to the introduction of highly automated technologies of order picking activities. Order picking automation is characteristic for a so-called dynamic variant, when stored products are moved from their storage zone (most frequently with the use of an automated system of trucks, stacker cranes, lifts and/or racks) to special order picking stations, where they are collected by the service and placed on an ordered loading unit.


Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors are mostly intended for the transport of goods packed into cardboard and packages (light version) as well as of standalone pallet units (heavy version). Using conveyors in a warehouse allows for significant time and capital savings, which, in a short-time perspective, generates real profit.

We offer drive and non-drive roller conveyors with proper arches and equipped with additional devices, such as diverters, transfers, and turnover devices.

  • a non-driven roller conveyor, type 2050,
  • a driven roller conveyor, type 2150,
  • a section driven roller conveyor, type 2250,
  • an arch non-driven roller conveyor, type 2055,
  • a section arch driven roller conveyor, type 2255.

Belt conveyors

A belt conveyor driven with an electric motor or a drum motor is a perfect means of transporting diversified goods regardless of their weight or packaging methods. It is suitable both for one-plane transport and in the case of rising by up to 20 degrees, which makes it an optimum goods translocation method between different warehouse height levels and stories.

A belt conveyor features a robust design and an aluminium construction guaranteeing effective and safe transport. Its simple design facilitates maintenance, and pre-assembled modules and aluminium-based profile structure guarantee fast assembly and implementation.

Automatic racks

Automatic racks are controlled with computer warehousing systems, allowing for the increase of goods storing and collecting efficiency. They can work both vertically and horizontally as standalone units, or can be integrated with a WMS system. The scope and advancement of the automatic system depends on the character and environment of the given warehouse.

Biggest advantages of the system:

  • warehouse space savings (by up to 70%),
  • collection errors elimination (by up to 70%),
  • shorter order picking (by over 60%).

Computer control is the most efficient and successful method of using automatic racks. The advanced TC2000 software has been designed specifically for the purposes of Tornado, Paternoster, and Hoca racks – it is included to all our machines in offer as a standard.


Used to transport goods and people travelling with them. As a standard, lifts with greater lifting capacity are suited for loading and unloading with the use of forklifts. They can be used to assist in internal transport of goods between levels. Depending on their type, they can be installed with or without a pit, in a double- or single-door version.