for operating the Double Deep system

UNICARRIERS ATF and XTF forklifts with telescopic forks for double-deep storage. Working on racks at the depth of two pallets allows to increase the cubic capacity by 50% or save even 30% of space. These trucks enable the operation of all types of pallets and load carriers. It seems especially helpful when an additional range for loading/unloading vehicles is necessary. They are available in two versions: with operator’s sitting or standing position.


Ergonomics is performance’s invisible friend. We create a friendly work environment for the operator so that the 8 hours spent driving a truck were as efficient as possible. A mini steering wheel with assistance, an adjustable seat, armrest, and a control panel, a spacious cabin minimize fatigue. An operator can enjoy full protection within a truck and a perfect visibility, allowing for safe and precise load transfer.

Greater Volume

Double-deep pallet storage on the racks leads to better space usage and the increase of the racking installation capacity. Additional 30-40% pallets in the warehouse or its area reduced by 30% always represents a measurable profit for the company. The operator’s work is supported by a camera installed on forks or on the carriage.