Pedestrian platform truck

Capacity 2000 kg

The PTP / S / R is an efficient and powerful low lift truck for demanding applications.

The truck can be operated on foot or while standing up from the foldable operator platform.

The machine is only 770 mm wide, making it extremely easy to maneuver in confined distribution spaces.


PTP is ideal for loading and unloading, as well as for internal transport of all types of load carriers. The operator’s platform with shock absorption allows to transport for longer distances while maintaining a high level of comfort. The foldable protective sidebars increase the operator’s safety. Its battery is normally mounted on steel rollers, which facilitates its replacement. Its ergonomic construction and the wide equipment offer make PTP an especially convenient tool.

Truck computer

Advanced technological solutions are supported with the efficient AC motor controlled with a truck computer. Unauthorized access protection is ensured with a PIN code protection that includes the operator’s settings categories (starting it traditionally with a key is possible as an option). Operational data helps optimize the fleet usage. A diagnostic tool installed on the truck allows for faster fault identification and facilitates repairs.


Installation of computers, scanners, and other devices is easier with an optional equipment bar with RAM holders and 12 V power supply.

High efficiency

Advanced solutions ensure high performance in all truck applications requiring loading and unloading. The efficient AC drive motors using high power ensure top speed, even when significantly loaded, maximizing work efficiency.