Pedestrian platform truck

Capacity 2000 kg

The PTP/R/S electric pallet truck has a fixed platform with a low step and rear or side entry. It is ideal for transport over long distances, for picking orders, working on loading bays. This pallet truck is designed with safety and efficiency in mind. The fixed platform and low step provide additional protection and comfort. The PTP/R/S also has a number of other innovative features, including the patented TDS system. With models available with a built-in, fully integrated lithium-ion battery and compact truck dimensions, the PTP/R/S is a durable, efficient companion for intensive, multi-shift operations.


Modern design, solid construction, IP65 protection. Thanks to the AC power supply and the use of a proportional valve, high precision driving and hydraulic control. Designed in accordance with the best principles of ergonomics. Comfortable even to work with gloves, in the cold store environment, large keys, mirrored (convenient for right- and left-handed operators)


PTP/R/S is suitable for loading and unloading as well as internal transport of all types of load carriers. The ergonomic shape of the tiller arm makes it comfortable to work in any situation. The electric power steering increases the comfort of working with heavy loads. Available additional options, handles for tools, lightings… extend the functionality.

High efficiency

Advanced solutions ensure high performance in all truck applications requiring loading and unloading. The efficient AC drive motors using high power ensure top speed, even when significantly loaded, maximizing work efficiency.