Pedestrian pallet truck

Lifting capacity: 1800/2000 kg

PLL is a perfect pallet truck for works in narrow spaces, with different load carriers and in various conditions. It is perfect for complementing inventory, occasional order picking, and internal transport for short distances, for examples in warehouses, supermarkets, and production areas.

Truck computer

The offset tiller arm features a keypad for PIN code entry. Three different operator settings ensure that the operator has access to the right performance depending on their skills, and prevent unauthorized access. The ATC T4 controller with a fault code function contributes to fast troubleshooting.


The PLL truck can handle many types of loads in almost any temperature—from high ambient temperatures to those typical for cold stores (down to -35°C). The PLL handles slopes and ramps with ease and has an extremely tight turning circle. Using the tiller-up function with the tiller arm in the upright position, this truck can work in ever narrower areas. With a unique function of an external parking brake switch-off, in case of failures, it is possible to manually transport and remove the truck from the work area.

Easy maintenance

The truck has a modular design with normalized modular components concept UniCarriers. Using shared components with other trucks allows to maximize the first time fix rate.


The patented four-point support system including a flexible connection between the loading section and the chassis with the motor ensures that four wheels always remain on the floor for stable operation in all conditions.