A low level order picker

Lifting capacity of 1200/1200/2000 kg Lifting height 0.95/0.95/0.90 m PPF/PPC/PPS trucks are intended for low-level order picking processes. These exceptional machines combine maneuverability, speed, and ergonomic construction, being a perfect tool for safe and efficient order picking.


A powerful motor provides significant acceleration and ensures high top use speed when moving between goods collection points, increasing order picking efficiency and reducing its costs. A low-positioned step and a centrally-placed operator’s platform allow to stay closer to the goods collection point.


The operator is in the center point of the truck for their effective all-round protection. The PIN code entry ensures that only authorized operator can drive the truck. The optional Stability Support system S3 and the Ergo power steering control the speed when cornering to ensure stability of load and the operator further enhance safety.

Funktionality and ergonomicsFunkcjonalność i ergonomia

The advantages of PP trucks include a wide cabin, a low step, significant acceleration, high top speed, and gentle braking, as well as fast and efficient maneuvering between order picking points. Advanced ergonomic construction includes a spacious driving platform with a comfortable backrest, adjustable seat (optional), and storage space for paper, pens, and other necessary items – all comfortably located within the operator’s reach.

Fork lifting funktionFunkcja unoszenia wideł

Fork lifting function improves work ergonomics, minimizing efforts to move loads. The operator’s platform lifted in PPF, PPC, and PPD version facilitates access to the level 2 of the racks.

Extended operation timeWydłużony czas pracy

The battery capacity of 600 Ah ensures longer work cycles. The smoothness of multi-shift work is increased by the system of fast battery change based on roller available as standard.