We offer a long-term rental, as a safe and cost-efficient way of financing a fleet of forklifts.

Our offer allows to minimize fixed asset investment, reduce costs, and release finances, which mitigates the risk of loss, so that you can focus on your performance growth.

This solution is becoming more and more popular among big production plants and logistic companies seeking real savings.


The costs of purchase, exploitation, and maintenance of a machine park are one of the most important components in expenses of every company.

Leasing or cash transactions always pose a risk of over- or under-estimation, which can lead to financial loses or cost overvaluation, which may negatively affect how the offer of your company is seen by potential customers.

A long-term rental option is transparent and safe, easy to calculate and logistically convenient. Fixed and even installments do not affect the financial liquidity of a company. The calculation is as easy as one-two-three.

Our offer is complemented by a complex RAM service care.


The concept of RAM LONG-TERM RENTAL means that we provide the customer with a forklift for the minimum period of 3 years in exchange for a fixed monthly payment.

The payment rate depends on the value of the selected forklift model and the load of work to be performed with it. Your company can use its potential right after the contract is concluded, without the need to finance any purchase.

All costs of forklift exploitation and maintenance are included in our attractive monthly payment rate.


RAM long-term rental is a product allowing to use a forklift in a system of fixed monthly installments covering both finances and exploitation—overhauls, repairs, and service. After a rent contract expires, we offer the possibility to purchase a selected model at a reasonable price. It is a perfect idea of how to replace or complement one’s obsolete machine fleet.

An unquestionable advantage of a long-term rental is the lack of an initiative fee, which is necessary in the case of leasing. Thus, you can avoid engaging a significant capital right at the very beginning.

A basic advantage of our offer includes not only tax benefits, but also the possibility to rationalize and easily plan expenses related to machines maintenance within a period determined with the contract.

From a legal perspective, a long-term rental with a package of additional services is treated as an operational leasing. The subject of a lease contract (a truck) is included in the rentee’s (Logis Sp. z o.o.’s) assets, and the rentee makes depreciation deductions. A rental installment constitutes tax deductible expenses for users on conditions specified by the Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Act.


RAM long-term rental provides a series of important benefits:

  • eliminated necessity to invest in truck purchases—a greater possibility to fulfill other strategic and image-related objectives of the company,
  • minimized tax burdens—in this case, the tax deductible cost is not the insignificant depreciation deduction from the value of a purchased machine, but the whole rental installment,
  • no initiative fee—a fixed monthly installment for the whole period of the agreement,
  • no need to control service costs—truck exploitation and maintenance costs are included in the installment,


  • cost stability and transparency for the whole period of the agreement thanks to a fixed installment in EUR – simpler budgeting and better control of incurred expenses,
  • full control over the machine park—no exploitation risk,
  • possibility to monitor and improve the financial liquidity of the company —clear service costs,
  • possibility to transfer financial resources to other types of investments—cost diversification,
  • no risk related to inflation—we will take care of it,
  • no downtime—a substitute truck provided for the period of servicing or fault repair.

When you decide to use a long-time rental, your truck is always ready for action

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