Distributing the best products for storage and internal transport is just one aspect of our operations.

Above all, we focus on professional advisory services and the provision of comprehensive services supporting optimization of diversified warehouse areas and distribution systems.


A carefully thought-out concept of warehouse space organization leads to the functional and effective usage of the whole area.

A proper type and setup of racks and an optimum selection of internal transport means result from a careful analysis of our customers’ needs and demands.

We take care of the smallest details, which we include in a comprehensive logistic project.

The whole interior organization process is perfectly fitted to the user’s needs and the investor’s expectations, taking into consideration the dynamics and resources at our disposal.


Close cooperation makes it easier to achieve a set goal. That is why, we recommend you to appoint competence-based teams both for Logis and for the user or investor.

Such a solution limits the possibility of errors and speeds up the project implementation process, with both groups responsible for the end result.

It is worth remembering that employees have valuable knowledge on the functioning of your company. Their opinions may help you find the optimum solution.

The level of concept complexity and complication affects the number of presented solutions. Together, we come to final conclusions and choose the project which is the most beneficial for work optimization and investment expenditures.


Information is a necessary element of every logistic project. We need to know where you are going for and what you want to achieve.

After setting a primary goal, we will ask you for e.g. data regarding goods that you store or their planned flow.

We determine safety levels, verify risk areas, and focus on necessary elements of the next stage—the arrangement process.

We will think about the equipment and the choice of warehouse automation devices, discussing the details.

A careful and analytic look at the whole investment process before starting warehouse construction or modernization allows to save time and costs of logistic project execution.


In the organization of warehouse space, we always include the following elements:

  1. full analysis of data on:
    • warehouse/production processes,
    • material flow,
    • product offer,
    • receipt and send-out structure,
    • production and sales structure.
  2. identification of administrative zones within the warehouse area,
  3. project management methods, rules, and tools,
  4. categorized investment risks,
  5. analysis of stakeholders, threats and opportunities.


The offer of Logis guarantees measurable benefits and profit in a long-term perspective. Proper warehouse organization allows for:

  1. reducing costs of logistic processes by increasing performance and effectiveness of warehouse operations,
  2. lower costs of warehouse maintenance thanks to the optimum usage of available warehouse area
  3. lower investment expenditures related to the balanced usage of efficiency and possibilities of warehouse system operating equipment, e.g. means of internal transport,
  4. better management of employees’ time,
  5. savings resulting from the elimination of bottleneck situations before the warehouse starts to function, thanks to the visualization—a 3D simulation—of how the warehouse works.


Before implementing a selected project, we offer warehouse operation visualization made with the use of an advanced 3D simulation technology tool.

Such a solution allows for a detailed check of all functionalities, determining bottleneck situations, and introducing corrective remarks.

Project optimization in a virtual environment guarantees the possibility to check different variants without incurring any additional costs. See how your warehouse operates.


Working together for warehouse space organization includes full support and consulting of Logis, available already at the vision and concept stage of a logistic process under construction.

Further cooperation at the execution stage is of the same importance from the perspective of integrating the best solutions.

Our unquestionable advantage is our knowledge and experience, also in the management of projects, which we want to use in order to support your business.


Professionalism, expertise and more than 20 years of experience guarantee the highest quality of the offered services.

We plan in such a way that ensures our Customers significant savings, improved quality and effective flow of goods.

References of satisfied Customers – leaders in their industries – are the proof of our reliability and effectiveness in the implementation of new solutions of warehouse Logistics.