Pedestrian 2in1 mast & platform stacker

Lifting capacity of 2000 kg

Lifting height of 2.1 m

The SRD combines the efficiency of working with two pallets and the possibility to travel long distances. It is your versatile partner in works across the whole warehouse. The SRD 200 model will be perfect for loading and unloading between platforms, as well as for internal transport (production, a warehouse). An operator can firmly stand on a platform to conveniently operate two pallets in every work cycle.


Modern design, solid construction, IP65 protection. Thanks to the AC power supply and the use of a proportional valve, high precision driving and hydraulic control. Designed in accordance with the best principles of ergonomics. Comfortable even to work with gloves, in the cold store environment, large keys, mirrored (convenient for right- and left-handed operators)


A patented support system including a flexible connection between the loading station and the chassis with the motor ensures that all wheels always remain on the floor for stable operation in all conditions.


For the highest ergonomics and efficiency, the truck features a ProVision mast design, as well as traction and safety enhancing solutions, such as the TDS system and an anti-rollback function.

The foldable operator’s platform has excellent shock absorption features, facilitating working on long distances and extending work cycles. The operator is also protected by protection sidebars. A number of fixed platforms are available as an option. A low chassis limits the risk of foot injuries, and the compact design together with the power steering facilitates manoeuvring in narrow spaces.