Variety of applications

Shelf rack systems are ideal for storing, organizing, and identifying small parts in manually-handled warehouses.

With our wide selection of racking systems and options, we can offer comprehensive solutions for every small or big warehouse part and order picking zone. Multilevel racks, mobile racks, carton flow can be a good solution for your needs. Our products for small elements and manual operation can ensure an exceptional combination of productivity, safety, and warehouse management. A standard selection of galvanized HI280 racks can offer a solution for everyone.

Movable Shelf Rack System

The HI280 movable shelf rack system is the best solution for compact storage. Combined with the movable Compactus® trucks, it is perfect for storing and handling small items.

The HI280 movable shelf rack is mounted on movable trucks sliding along the rails. Their depth and width is compliant with the dimensions of standard HI280 shelf racks.

With movable trucks, a block of racks requires only one access aisle, which doubles warehouse capacity.

The HI280 movable rack system provides the following functionalities and benefits:

  • high quality – racks made of galvanized steel, chassis made of epoxidated steel
  • trucks moving on rails built into the floor or mounted directly on an existing floor
  • permitted load up to 15 tons – easy to move
  • wide selection of various accessories
  • electronic options available, such as a touch screen for easier access
  • compact systems create safe and effective storage systems—movable assemblies can be blocked to allow only authorized access
  • the Compactus® movable truck system is known for its quality and durability.