EK 1500


Lifting height of 17.5 m

Lifting capacity 1100-2000kg

  • Economical warehouse space management
  • Maximized usage of the warehouse building height and cubic capacity
  • High process efficiency

These are the main tasks for which the system trucks working in narrow working aisles (VNA – Very Narrow Aisle) were created. The operator’s cabin lifted with the load allows to operate on racks at heights which are unavailable for other truck types (to 17.5 m). The multiplicity of fixtures in transport of diverse loads weighing as much as 2000 kg(!). A working aisle already from 1200 mm. A freezer room is not a challenge for that truck type, as the heated cabin creates a comfortable working environment for operators.


Shorter, longer, wider, narrower… criteria which can be individually imposed on our designers. Every machine is adjusted to the user’s specific application. The chassis dimensions, special fixtures, high residual lifting capacity, the height of the assembled construction, or channel guiding are the parameters which affect the truck efficiency and performance. Flexible configuration is the strength of our machines.


The EK series offers a wide range of fixtures for picking up loads. The design department database includes many non-standard special solutions executed according to ideas and demands of our  creative users. Telescopic forks, special handles, platforms, additional fixtures, and unique solutions in the operator’s cabin represent only a tiny part of what we are capable of

SGO mast

The EK series is equipped with a mast, the construction of which is the original achievement of the MAGAZINER team of engineers. Computer optimization allowed to construct a light mast of high stiffness and durability.


– centre of gravity positioned lower for better stability

– less loaded hydraulics—faster mast operation, lower energy consumption for lifting

– high working parameters. Lifting height of up to 17,400 mm and lifting capacity of up to 2000 kg (the only one on the market).

Open-work mast construction ensures the operator’s excellent visibility.