Industrial sit-on stacker truck

Lifting capacity 2000/3000 kg

LLS trucks are comfortable low-lift trucks for extremely demanding situations. These trucks are perfect for long work cycles under a significant load.


LLR/LLS trucks have a modular design with the TCM shared components concept. Using shared parts with other trucks allows to maximize the first time fix rate. Using a brushless AC motor allows to decrease brake system components wear through motor braking, which extends service intervals.


The control elements are well-located and easily available, which increases the operator’s environment ergonomics. The fully adjustable steering wheel with assistance and a service panel allow you to easily take the best position. A writing spot and a practical storage space included as standard. The version with operator’s seat offers diverse solutions in high storage reach trucks—a mini steering wheel patented by TCM.

The operator protected by the chassis has a natural, ergonomic position, which ensures good visibility in all directions. Multishift work has been improved by placing the battery on rollers, which allows for its fast and easy change.

High efficiency

A powerful motor increases order picking cost-efficiency, offering high acceleration and top speed while travelling between product picking spots.