Pallet Racks

Top-level storage effectiveness

The Dexion pallet racks offer a wide selection of solutions fitted for diverse needs and possibilities.

A huge choice of products and available accessories allows to select products which are optimally suited for any space. Our extensive offer includes both standard narrow- or wide-aisle racks, drive-in, movable and flow racks.

Systems which we offer can be used in many different interiors.

Double-Deep Row Racks

Double-deep storage

We are a pioneer of a Double-Deep system in Poland. Based on dedicated elements of DEXION racks and storage trucks offered by us, we have created functional and safe solutions.

Double-Deep means storing at a double depth. Rack rows are positioned twice as densely as in case of the standard row racks. A necessary condition for that system to function properly is equipping the truck with telescopic forks and a camera, which significantly facilitate pallet maneuvering on the rack at double depth. The camera is placed on the forks or the truck carriage, which allows to observe areas invisible from the operator’s site.


  • Saved space
  • A relatively low cost of warehouse equipment as compared to its achieved capacity

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