Pallet Racks

Top-level storage effectiveness

The Dexion pallet racks offer a wide selection of solutions fitted for diverse needs and possibilities.

A huge choice of products and available accessories allows to select products which are optimally suited for any space. Our extensive offer includes both standard narrow- or wide-aisle racks, drive-in, movable and flow racks.

Systems which we offer can be used in many different interiors.

Drive-In Racks

Solutions for uniform products

Drive-In pallet racks are perfect for storing large numbers of the same product—your current storage space can be used up to 90% better as compared to traditional row pallet racks.

Suitable for goods which can be stored in blocks but cannot be stacked on one another. These pallets are stored according to the First In Last Out (FILO) rule on rails amounted on both drive-in tunnel sides. This means that not all pallets are available at the same time. However, as a block system, drive-in racking perfectly increases the storage space as compared to standard pallet racks. As a result, warehouse existing space can be used up to 90% better as compared to standard row pallet racks.


  • High storage density – capacity used to the maximum
  • The greatest number of pallets per warehouse cubic meter
  • Low rotation index—suitable for seasonable products
  • Perfect for cold store and freezer applications
  • Access in accordance with First In Last Out (FILO) rule
  • Suitable for wholesale storage of the same products

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