Medium order picking truck

Lifting capacity of 1000 kg

Lifting height of 1.2 m/1.8 m

EOM order picking truck. This truck is intended for high level (floor, level 1) order picking. This exceptional machine combines maneuverability, speed, and ergonomic construction, being a perfect tool for safe and efficient order picking.


The advantages of the EOM truck include a wide cabin, a low step, significant acceleration, high top speed, and gentle braking. So durable and slender, this truck works just as perfectly in narrow aisles. Advanced ergonomic construction includes a spacious driving platform and storage space for paper, pens, and other necessary items – all comfortably located within the operator’s reach.

The function of lifting a work platform along with forks increases work ergonomics, minimizing effort needed to move loads and allowing to access up to level 2 on the racks. To maximize process efficiency, order picking is performed directly from the work platform.

Extended operation time

The battery capacity of 600 Ah ensures longer work cycles. The smoothness of multi-shift work is increased by the system of fast battery change based on roller available as standard.

Easy maintenance

The truck has a modular design with normalized modular components concept TCM. Using shared components with other trucks allows to maximize the first time fix rate.