for operating the Double Deep system

UMS and UHD reach trucks with telescopic forks for double-deep storage. Working on racks at the depth of two pallets allows to increase the cubic capacity of racks by 50% or save even 30% of space. The UMS model will easily fit pallets weighing up to 850 kg on double racks. If a lifting height of 10 m is necessary, it is worth to choose a durable UHD. All these models can work in almost any condition, including freezer rooms.


Ergonomics is performance’s invisible friend. We create a friendly work environment for the operator so that the 8 hours spent driving a truck were as efficient as possible. A mini steering wheel with assistance, an adjustable seat, armrest, and a control panel, a spacious cabin minimize fatigue. An operator can enjoy full protection within a truck and a perfect visibility, allowing for safe and precise load transfer.

Greater Volume

Double-deep pallet storage on the racks leads to better space usage and the increase of the racking installation capacity. Additional 30-40% pallets in the warehouse or its area reduced by 30% always represents a measurable profit for the company. The operator’s work is supported by a camera installed on forks or on the carriage.


Everything about U trucks, from ergonomics to performance, is about productivity.

Precise mast construction, soft stop, and a sock-absorbed slide-out mechanism guarantee good stability. The tilted mast and intuitive control additionally facilitate storage on racks at different heights. The 48 V AC high power motor ensures great results and a top speed of 12.5 km/h.


S3—Stability Support System—continuously measures speed, analyses control methods, sent commands, mast movements, and truck lifting height in order to maintain mast stability. DCC—dynamic cornering control. LAS—lifting level programming.

Be one step ahead of the operator, for their own safety.


Visits of a service technician should take place as rarely as possible, and be as short as possible.

A truck computer with a self-diagnostic system allows for faster fault localization without the need to use special terminals. Thanks to the concept of shared truck components, our mobile service engineers work with a limited number of components, so they can remove over 95% faults during the first visit.

A transparent composition of components in the motor compartment facilitates access to the fault location, shortening repair time as…”the shorter time, the better”.