Ergo A

High storage truck

Lifting capacity of 1600kg/2000kg. Lifting height up to 6.3 m The ERGO A series high storage trucks, pioneered by UniCarriers, were launched in 1961. They are perfect for high storage and internal transport.

FUNCTIONALITY AND ERGONOMICSFunkcjonalność i ergonomia

The ERGO A series includes versatile, safe, and space-saving products (for aisles of only 2318 mm!). The operator is well protected with the use of a protective cage. The operator’s compartment in an Ergo truck has a well-positioned, easily accessible controls and power steering.

This truck allows to transport open load carriers with standard supports and closed load carriers between wide supports. The high drive speed and load lifting/lowering speed additionally increase high efficiency and productivity—just as the ergonomic design does. For even higher usability parameters, we offer foldable side stabilizers. To streamline multi-shift work, the battery is placed on rollers for quick and easy battery change.

FOCUS ON THE OPERATOROperator w centrum uwagi

The control elements are well-positioned and easily accessible, which increases the comfort of the operator’s work. Intuitive lifting and lowering control is used. A fully adjustable steering wheel with power steering and a panel allow to take the best position without any effort. A writing spot and a practical storage space are provided as a standard.

Easy maintenanceŁatwy w serwisowaniu

The truck has a modular design with normalized modular components concept UniCarriers. Using shared components with other trucks allows to maximize the first time fix rate.


The operator easily fits into the contour of the truck and within security protective columns. A robust protective roofing secures the operator from falling objects. The ergonomic operator’s compartment allows for their natural position. A floor with full shock absorption minimizes the experience of vibrations, and a low step facilitates entry and increases the amount of space available in the cabin. For safety and convenience, the floor features a foot switch for a dead man’s handle.