Variety of applications

Shelf rack systems are ideal for storing, organizing, and identifying small parts in manually-handled warehouses.

With our wide selection of racking systems and options, we can offer comprehensive solutions for every small or big warehouse part and order picking zone. Multilevel racks, mobile racks, carton flow can be a good solution for your needs. Our products for small elements and manual operation can ensure an exceptional combination of productivity, safety, and warehouse management. A standard selection of galvanized HI280 racks can offer a solution for everyone.

Multi-level Shelf Racks

With integrated floor levels, the HI280 multi-level shelf rack system constructed on two or more levels is ideal for larger warehouses storing many small elements.

The system ensures greater storing capacity than standard shelf racks, and the Hi280 multi-layer structure allows for the construction of a mezzanine floor – made of EK columns produced out of initially galvanized steel of 1.2 mm – above the base, with other shelves at the top.

Columns can be used along the whole length—supporting all levels of shelves and pavements—or individually—supporting lower shelves and a mezzanine with standalone racks above. Floor diluents allow for additional storage level.

Multi-level shelf racks offer the following benefits:

  • Significant savings in construction costs thanks to an effective design
  • Construction based on a well-known HI280 rack system
  • Columns for transferring loads from the floors above
  • High durability of different elements ensures storage optimization
  • Easy installation of sprinklers and lighting systems
  • System completion with stairs, railing, and pallet gate accessories

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