VNA system truck

Lifting capacity 1250/1500 kg

Lifting height up to 10.35 m

This versatile high storage reach truck for works in very narrow aisles is based on a hugely successful Tergo reach truck. It was designed for operations in very narrow aisles while ensuring effective maneuverability outside a narrow-aisle store.

With a feature of a 180-degree fork rotation, RTS is intended primarily for work in guided aisles, but it can also be used outside narrow aisles. With operating aisles as narrow as merely 1640 mm, URS trucks maximize warehouse space usage, while offering the ability to move freely throughout the whole building.


It is a perfect truck to use together with high level order pickers. That way, the best truck for high storage can work with the most suitable truck for collecting goods from a warehouse.

Allowing operators to concentrate fully on the job of high level stacking, the truck is guided in an aisle through floor mounted side rails or an induction loop. The load can be lifted as soon as the truck is in the aisle, which increases performance gained from diagonal lift and operations. Typical work cycles are 15–20% faster than for free-range trucks. A pre-selector function allows to arrive at the correct storage level quickly and accurately, further enhancing efficiency. An additional camera and a monitor maximize visibility.

A function of Dynamic Cornering Control (DCC). This smart technological solution is the best combination of increased safety and high performance. A RTS truck equipped with DCC as standard automatically adjusts the cornering speed to allow maximum performance while maintaining the highest safety level.

Outstanding performance

Driving speed: 14–13.2 km/h

Lifting speed: 0.43–0.37 m/s

Lowering speed: 0.56–0.55 m/s

Great space utilization with stacking aisles which are 1200-milimeter-deep and only 1640-milimeter-wide.

This compact truck is intended for operations in very narrow aisles, and can lift loads as high as 10.35 m. The smallest aisle in the industry (1640 mm with rail guidance).


The most robust cold store cabin in the industry with a perfect visibility in all directions. Easy entry and exit with a complete insulation for the operator’s protection.