Pedestrian truck with mast

Lifting capacity of 1600/2000 kg

Lifting height up to 5.4 m

The SPH is a powerful, robust, high storage truck adjusted for works in difficult conditions. It can be used for a wide range of tasks, perfect for internal transport, order picking, and load positioning at heights of up to 5400 mm.


A patented support system including a flexible connection between the loading station and the chassis with the motor ensures that all wheels always remain on the floor for stable operation in all conditions.


The SPH is a robust, easy-to-use truck for material handling, perfect for internal transport, order picking, or stacking on piles on the racking. The offset tiller arm makes it possible for the operator to walk beside the truck, allowing to achieve very good visibility and performing visual inspection of forks and the load. It also limits the risk of foot injury. For better space usage, there is also a tiller-up-drive option. An ergonomic tiller head is adjusted to two-hand operation and equipped with easily available operating elements for streamlined truck operation.

Truck computer

The offset tiller arm features a keypad for PIN code entry. Three different operator settings ensure that the operator has access to performance ranges adjusted to their skills, and also prevent unauthorized access. A diagnostic tool installed on the truck speeds up fault identification and facilitates repairs.

Easy maintenance

The truck has a modular design with normalized modular components concept TCM. Using shared components with other trucks allows to maximize the first time fix rate.