Variety of applications

Shelf rack systems are ideal for storing, organizing, and identifying small parts in manually-handled warehouses.

With our wide selection of racking systems and options, we can offer comprehensive solutions for every small or big warehouse part and order picking zone. Multilevel racks, mobile racks, carton flow can be a good solution for your needs. Our products for small elements and manual operation can ensure an exceptional combination of productivity, safety, and warehouse management. A standard selection of galvanized HI280 racks can offer a solution for everyone.

Medium Span Shelf Racks

The HI280 Medium Span or Long Span shelf racks are perfect for storing bigger or heavier products in different locations within a warehouse.

The HI280 Medium Span is mounted in the same way as a standard HI280 shelf rack and can be used for both static and movable solutions. It is especially suitable for storing vehicle parts.

Standard shelves of HI280 racks are fully compatible with the HI280 Medium Span columns, as a result of which both rack systems can be easily combined and configured. Eliminating the need to use back bracings maximizes storing capacities to the full rack depth available.

lifespan. In addition, these racks use a minimum number of components, which facilitates their usage and all reorganizations.

The Hi280 Medium Span shelf racks provide the following benefits:

  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Durable, fully-galvanized and modular design
  • Wide selection of adjusted profiles for greater durability and storage stability
  • No loose parts or sharp edges
  • Shelves with edges allowing for the use of labels or barcodes
  • Wide range of accessories

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