Pallet Racks

Top-level storage effectiveness

The Dexion pallet racks offer a wide selection of solutions fitted for diverse needs and possibilities.

A huge choice of products and available accessories allows to select products which are optimally suited for any space. Our extensive offer includes both standard narrow- or wide-aisle racks, drive-in, movable and flow racks.

Systems which we offer can be used in many different interiors.

Push-Back Racks

Speed and efficiency

Push-back pallet racks are especially beneficial for storing large numbers of the same products: they allow for less operations, shorter transport routes, and increasing storing capacity by up to 75%. Push-Back racks are especially suitable for wholesale numbers of such products which can be stored in accordance with the rule of First In Last Out (FILO).

Push-Back warehouse racks have ca. 4% inclined sets of roller beds integrated with the P90 racking frames. Each channel can store up to 10 pallets placed one behind another. When one pallet is removed, the remaining ones automatically slide down.



  • Fast and easy access to all lines
  • Optimum usage of available area
  • Suitable for wholesale storage and cold stores
  • Perfect as a reserve stock zone for production
  • One working aisle—handling pallets always from the front of the rack

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