Pedestrian platform truck

Lifting capacity 2000/2500 kg

The PTF is a stand-on pallet truck. Featuring a robust, fold down operator’s platform with shock absorption and tilting protective sidebars, this truck allows for long-distance operations and extended work cycles. The PTF is a perfect solution for most of the intensive operations, especially performed on unloading docks.


Modern design, solid construction, IP65 protection. Thanks to the AC power supply and the use of a proportional valve, high precision driving and hydraulic control. Designed in accordance with the best principles of ergonomics. Comfortable even to work with gloves, in the cold store environment, large keys, mirrored (convenient for right- and left-handed operators)


This fast and durable machine ensures the highest stability level even at greater speed. Its low chassis reduces the risk of feet injuries, and its compact design facilitates manoeuvring in narrow areas. The used hydraulic system uses the load weight to control a fixed value of belt pulley pressure on the floor. A five-wheel chassis with a stabilization technology, thanks to friction force, guarantees high lateral stability and perfect adherence.


PTF is ideal for loading and unloading, as well as for internal transport of all types of load carriers. An ergonomic tiller arm shape ensures that all control elements are properly located and you can conveniently use them in any situation. The adjustable length allows for a comfortable operator’s position or working with a lifted platform. The tiller arm electric support additionally increases the comfort of working with heavy loads.

Extended operation time

The battery capacity of 600 Ah ensures longer work cycles. The smoothness of multi-shift work is increased by the system of fast battery change based on roller available as standard.