Variety of applications

Shelf rack systems are ideal for storing, organizing, and identifying small parts in manually-handled warehouses.

With our wide selection of racking systems and options, we can offer comprehensive solutions for every small or big warehouse part and order picking zone. Multilevel racks, mobile racks, carton flow can be a good solution for your needs. Our products for small elements and manual operation can ensure an exceptional combination of productivity, safety, and warehouse management. A standard selection of galvanized HI280 racks can offer a solution for everyone.

Standars Shelf Racks

Storage and service comfort

The construction of our shelf HI280 racks is based on patent-protected solutions allowing for the usage of a minimum number of elements. Our shelf racks are based on perforated columns and clamp shelves made of high-quality galvanized steel.

There is an endless number of diverse possible application variants. The HI280 storage racks can be used as traditional shelf racks or as multilevel racks with floors in between the levels.

They are suitable both for manual handling in standard warehouses and in fully-automated logistic centers. With a wide selection of accessories, the HI280 shelf racks are the most versatile and flexible system for storing fine elements.

The HI280 shelf system offers frame height of up to 12 m, shelf width of up to 2.5 m, and section depth of up to 1 m.

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