Pedestrian lifting truck

Lifting capacity 2000 (700) kg

The PAL-E is a two-in-one pallet truck. Lifted support forks make it possible to transport 2 pallets at the same time. The greater the ground clearance, the better it is to overcome obstacles. Perfect for working in narrow spaces, with various load carriers and under different conditions. It is perfect for stock replenishment, occasional order picking and short-distance internal transport, for example in warehouses, supermarkets and production areas.

Truck computer

The offset tiller arm features a keypad for PIN code entry. Three different operator settings ensure that the operator has access to the right performance depending on their skills, and prevent unauthorized access. The ATC T4 controller with a fault code function contributes to fast troubleshooting.


The PAL200-E truck can handle many types of cargo at almost any temperature. From high temperatures in the open air to temperatures suitable for cold stores. The PAL200-E handles inclines, ramps and bumps with ease, and its turning radius is extremely small. Additional equipment facilitates work, extends functionality. The automatic parking brake ensures safety on the ramps. Several variants of the battery and the length of the forks make it possible to choose the right set for the user.

Easy maintenance

The truck has a modular design with normalized modular components concept TCM. Using shared components with other trucks allows to maximize the first time fix rate.