Pallet Racks

Top-level storage effectiveness

The Dexion pallet racks offer a wide selection of solutions fitted for diverse needs and possibilities.

A huge choice of products and available accessories allows to select products which are optimally suited for any space. Our extensive offer includes both standard narrow- or wide-aisle racks, drive-in, movable and flow racks.

Systems which we offer can be used in many different interiors.

Shuttle Pallet Racks

Economic Automation

Shuttle pallet racks offered by Dexion are a half-automated warehouse system intended for storing goods in channels similar to the channels in the Drive-In trucks rack system. Shuttle pallet racks eliminate the need to drive forklifts into storage channels. The standard pallet trucks deliver pallets to the front of the rack, to be further transported deeper into the channel with the use of automatic transport platforms.

The shuttle pallet rack system can operate both in the FIFO and LIFO system, which makes it a highly effective alternative for standard systems of drive-in and gravity flow trucks in the following applications:

  • Freezer warehouses
  • Food production
  • Meat processing
  • Beverage production and distribution


  • Optimized processes of storing, loading, and unloading
  • Low risk of equipment (truck and rack) damage
  • Eliminated need to use expensive professional trucks

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