Variety of applications

Shelf rack systems are ideal for storing, organizing, and identifying small parts in manually-handled warehouses.

With our wide selection of racking systems and options, we can offer comprehensive solutions for every small or big warehouse part and order picking zone. Multilevel racks, mobile racks, carton flow can be a good solution for your needs. Our products for small elements and manual operation can ensure an exceptional combination of productivity, safety, and warehouse management. A standard selection of galvanized HI280 racks can offer a solution for everyone.

Narrow-Aisle Shelf Racks

Space optimization

The system of HI280 narrow-aisle shelf racks is perfect for continuous operation. When compared to systems operated with forklifts, it is a solution with narrow aisles that is adjusted to working together with automatic stacker cranes in order to optimize the usage of warehouse area and improve order picking efficiency.

The shelf rack system used with narrow aisles requires high precision and stability, ensured by the HI280 narrow-aisle shelf rack system.

In fact, with the possibility to operate both with order picking trucks lifting the operator and automatic stacker cranes, shelf racks with narrow aisles offer an exceptional warehouse space optimization.

Additionally, with no need to use back bracings, the whole depth of shelves can be used to the maximum.

It is a galvanized-steel solution ensuring durability and high quality and allowing for many years of effective usage with minimized number of parts.

Hi280 narrow-aisle shelf racks offer the following benefits:

  • Frame and shelf elements made of galvanized steel
  • Fast assembly and reorganization possible with a minimum number of elements
  • The system has been tested, scaled, and approved in accordance with the European FEM standards