Pedestrian stacker with a mast and a platform

Lifting capacity of 1250/1600 kg

Lifting height up to 5.4 m

SRS is a versatile forklift for handling racks, internal transport, picking. Equipped with a mast and a foldable platform for the operator.

The option to transport two pallets at the same time increases the efficiency of processes.

The narrow chassis allows the operator to lift and place pallets in very confined spaces.

The fold-down operator platform provides excellent vibration damping and the operator is protected by the side guard rails for long distance travel and extended duty cycles. Several versions of the platforms are available. The low chassis prevents foot injuries, and the compact design with power steering (optional) makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.


Modern design, solid construction, IP65 protection. Thanks to the AC power supply and the use of a proportional valve, high precision driving and hydraulic control. Designed in accordance with the best principles of ergonomics. Comfortable even to work with gloves, in the cold store environment, large keys, mirrored (convenient for right- and left-handed operators)


The SRS offers a wide range of possible options and different capacities, making it suitable for a wide range of operations. From heavy industrial to light materials handling tasks, from intensive 24/7 shift work to intermittent usage. For multi-shift applications, the battery is placed on rollers, for its quick and easy change. It is also possible to equip the truck with lifted support forks allowing to transport two pallets at the same time.


A unique fork design with fork tapered profile and a distinct fork tip shape facilitate placing forks in the pallet. Take the short-cut to and from material handling devices in order to speed up your materials handling.