A high storage, narrow-chassis reach truck

Lifting capacity: 1400 kg

Lifting height up to 8.95 m

RTN narrow-chassis high storage reach truck. This compact reach truck is just the right tool for up to medium-intensity high storage works. It offers good stability and performance. It is an agile, economic machine constructed fully to meet the operator’s needs and optimize productivity. Class-leading ergonomic solutions such as TCM unique small steering wheel, intuitive control elements and a ProVision construction mast for better visibility increase the operator’s work efficiency and allow for more effortless work. A wide selection of additional equipment, including Active Spin Reduction (ASR), Level Assistance System (LAS), and Ergologic operator’s interface can further increase efficiency.


The RTN truck is constructed on a narrow chassis (1120 mm) and uses a unique ProVision mast system. The truck ensures a lifting height of up to 8.95 m and a lifting capacity of up to 1400 kg. When equipped with optional wheels for rail guidance with a tapered overhead guard, it is also suitable for works requiring a racking system drive-in.


Everything about the RT, from ergonomics to performance, is about productivity.

Quiet operation of a high-precision mast design with a soft-stop technology and a fully damped reach system.
Mast Tilt Control (MTC)—reduces mast oscillation by ca. 80% for excellent load stability at great heights, improved stacking performance, and work safety.
Dynamic Cornering Control (DCC)—ensures safe driving, and the hands-free direction control uses the accelerator for changing the travel direction, allowing the operator to use the right hand to operate up to three hydraulic functions simultaneously.
A powerful 48 V AC motor provides excellent performance, offering a top speed of 12.5 km/h.
Maximum productivity and safety increase is possible thanks to the TCM ATC3 truck control computer, which assigns performance settings to an individual, PIN-code-protected user profile.


Intelligent modular design uses a smaller number of subassemblies and facilitates servicing. Service engineers can carry only the most frequently used parts. Thanks to the machine diagnostic system and a service menu using the reach truck control computer, we have the highest fix repair index on the market, with a First Visit Fix Rate of over 95%.

Increased performance in a multi-shift system is possible thanks to the RT truck being equipped with smart battery change systems.


The RT series is completely centered around you and your operations.

Everything from design, technology, and performance, to services and financing has been created to fulfil the needs of the world’s most demanding truck users in the most individual way.

We know that technological solutions designed around users’ needs make people more productive and satisfied at work.


The system of increasing stability—S3 – Stability Support System—offers technology which ensures driving track stability in a wide range of situations. The S3 technology continuously measures speed, analyzes steering methods, sent commands, mast movement, and truck lifting height.

A new function of Dynamic Cornering Control (DCC) modifies the relationship between the speed of the truck and the operator’s steering wheel movements, allowing for a higher cornering speed. When handling loads at high levels, the operations control optimization system adapts the mast tilt and the speed to maximize stability and safety.

The LAS (Level Assistance System) innovative storage height programming system allows for more intuitive operations while stacking goods. An operator only has to slightly lift the leverage, and the forks automatically stop at the programmed level.

The Active Spin Reduction (ASR) improves driving safety, especially on surfaces with low friction, and reduces wheel wear for additional cost savings.


The spacious cabin is entirely designed to meet the operator’s needs. A uniquely small steering wheel and a movable armrest allow for effortless maneuvering during long shifts with a minimum strain on the operator’s arm, neck, and shoulders. The seat and the armrests are easily regulated. Every operator can modify up to seven different parameters.

The ProVision mast design further enhances visibility and ergonomics when handling loads at great heights. A separate footstep and a specially designed handle make it easy to get in and out of the truck.

A comparative study on work ergonomics while using high storage reach trucks of three different manufacturers has demonstrated that RT trucks allow to keep the most ergonomic posture during work, resulting in less shoulder, back, and neck strain. (Chalmers University of Technology, 2011)