an electric three-wheel truck

Lifting capacity of 1400 to 2000 kg


Lifting height up to 7 m


The TCM FTB truck is the first counterbalance truck designed in the concept of three E’s: offering lower Energy consumption, excellent Ergonomics, and higher handling Efficiency.


FTB is a leader in its class for energy consumption, offering rates as low as 4.2 kWh/h.

Low Energy consumption

The solutions implemented in the FTB trucks, such as low-rolling-resistance tires, a new hydraulics system, fully electronic power steering, and a kinetic energy recovery system place this model among the most energy-efficient forklifts on the market.

What does it exactly mean?

The FTB truck will operate longer on a single charge than any other similar forklift on the market, making your operation more efficient, productive, and profitable.

Excellent Ergonomics

One of the most important parts of ergonomic design is to ensure the operator’s wellbeing. Our FTB/FB forklifts have been designed to make no compromises in the pursuit of this goal. For example, the FTB/FB trucks are equipped with the quietest hydraulics in their class, as well as unique hydraulic levers for intuitive and comfortable operation.

Ergonomics is not just ‘something nice to have’. It can really boost efficiency and your bottom line. With the excellent ergonomics ensured by the FTB/FB trucks, you will quickly see the results.


This truck has also been designed according to the ProVision Concept, which increases safety and ergonomics. A unique transparent front panel in the FTB trucks ensures perfect visibility in all directions, while a low step and a wide, flat floor additionally facilitate getting into and out of the truck.

High Efficiency

Featuring numerous best-in-class functions, a new FTB/FB offers exceptional efficiency of operations. All aspects of the truck speed (lifting, tilting, driving) are automatically optimized depending on the load sizes, lifting heights, and tilt angle.

What is more, an alternating force of power steering ensures better, more intuitive operator’s driving experience.

The ProVision Concept ensures an excellent view around the operator. The perfect mast visibility and a clear fork and load visibility should be especially marked out. Little details, such as the control elements grip within the operator’s access, a low entry/exit step, and a fully automated parking brake with an anti-rollback function protecting the truck make the new FTB/FB extremely easy and efficient in operation.