(Polski) Li-Ion

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Our trucks equipped with Li-ION batteries can offer huge advantages over traditional batteries in your materials handling operation. No maintenance or gassing reduces costs and removes the need for dedicated charging areas, and their fast charging ability and low energy consumption from the grid saves you both time and money.

Why choose Li-ION?

  • No maintenance or gassing – zero emissions
  • No need for battery change in shift operations
  • No need for special charging rooms
  • Fast charging possibility – 50% in 30 minutes
  • Opportunity fast charge
  • Longer battery lifetime
  • 30% less energy consumption from the grid
  • Reduced TCO

An efficient and safe solution

Li-ION batteries from TCM are specifically designed to provide maximum performance and safety. Li-ION batteries offer higher and sustained voltage levels, resulting in faster driving and lifting performance compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, especially noticeable at lower battery charge levels. The specially-developed communication between battery and truck ensures safe operation, and makes sure the truck will automatically shut down if required.

Charge when and where you want

Charging the Li-ION batteries are easy. Connect the charger and the truck will automatically shut down and charging begins.

With a fast charging rate of 1C the battery will be fully charged in one hour. Position your chargers where you want, preferably nearby the coffee machine and the truck will always be ready to go with a charged battery.