an electrically-powered four-wheel truck

Lifting capacity of 2500 to 3500 kg

Lifting height up to do 7 m


FHB is a four-wheel, 80 V electrically powered counterbalance truck. This high-performance truck can handle loads of up to 3,5 tons. Excellent all-round visibility and 2 8kW motors operation flexibility allow this truck to move smoothly with full control over its operation.

The FHB is the embodiment of the characteristics of the perfect front forklift – reliability, durability and coping with any load taken. On the other hand, the vehicle is equipped with amenities that make driving as comfortable and easy as possible.

The highest ergonomics in its class

The FHB truck offers the highest ergonomics in its class.

Spacious cabin, excellent visibility of the working area, micro-shifters, side battery change. The integrated diagnostic system enables quick fault detection and reduces downtime. The Sensitive Drive System (SDS) adapts to the speed of the operator’s foot to soften starting and stopping for added agility. The control buttons are also intuitive, allowing you to make precise movements with the gentle touch of a button. Even the forklift’s steering system has been designed to facilitate the operation of the device – the steering wheel is perfectly balanced, has an optimal size, giving the operator delicate but precise feedback, resulting in confident maneuvering.


To enhance safety, the truck performance can be set individually to suit each operator’s skills and experience—beginners as well as advanced drivers. The PIN-code-protected personal performance settings include acceleration, retardation, lift/tilt speed, regenerative braking, and top speed. This function also prevents unauthorized use.

Class-leading top speed

2 8kW, independent, synchronizedt AC motors equipped with a controller and energy regeneration technology contribute to superior energy efficiency. With a top speed of 20 km/h, the FHB model is one of the fastest trucks in its class. This ensures operational efficiency, especially in case of long-distance jobs.

High Efficiency

A spacious cabin with an adjustable seat and steering wheel, as well as a conveniently positioned armrest with micromanettes allow the driver to easily control the truck ergonomically. All these features combined with the car-like driving characteristics can make forklift drive a real pleasure.

Shared components for maximum uptime

All forklifts are modular with the UniCarriers unique shared components concept. As a limited number of components is necessary, our mobile service engineers can fix over 95% of all breakdowns on the first call.



The truck computer is equipped with a built-in troubleshooting system which simplifies servicing and minimizes downtime. No special tools or computers are needed to fix the truck, which shortens repair Times.