Four-directional truck for long loads

Lifting capacity from 2000 to 2500 kg

Lifting height up to 9.7 m

A multidirectional high storage RTF truck is perfect for handling long loads, but also for standard pallets.

It allows for lifting heights of 9.7 m. The truck can be operated in all directions, with a required aisle width of 2.3–3 m. With excellent truck capacities of acceleration, a top speed of 13 km/h, and high battery capacity, the truck can operate intensively with maximum efficiency.


A multi-directional truck, with its ability to travel sideways, allows efficient material handling for a wide range of loads, especially logs. It decreases working aisles to a minimum. A hydraulic fork spreader ensures that loads are transferred safely at all times. A synchronic control system facilitates smooth direction change.


The S3 and S3-2 systems of increasing stability are a guarantee of the best safety parameters in the industry, thanks to automated driving speed control, steering, and lifting while driving.


An excellent operator’s compartment is designed to get the best out of the operator for maximum output. The unique and ergonomic small steering wheel, a movable armrest, a fully adjustable operator’s seat with a 18° tilt function, and height-adjustable floor with a multifunction Ergologic controller make Tergo RTF the most flexible for the needs of different operators. Combined with a memory of settings assigned to individual operators’ PIN numbers, these functions guarantee that everyone can operate in a comfortable environment. With a low instep and a properly positioned handle, it is easy to place yourself in a truck.


Powerful AC motors ensure smooth acceleration and the best performance when driving and lifting.

A CAN-open system controlled with a machine computer and operators’ identification via PIN codes increase every operator’s safety.


Intelligent modular design uses a smaller number of subassemblies and facilitates servicing. Service engineers can carry only the most frequently used parts. Thanks to the machine diagnostic system and a service menu using the reach truck control computer, we have the highest fix repair index on the market, with a First Visit Fix Rate of over 95%.

Increased performance in a multi-shift system is possible thanks to the RT truck being equipped with smart battery change systems.