an LPG/DIESEL counterbalance combustion truck

Lifting capacity of 4000 – 5500 kg

Lifting height up to 7 m


UNICARRIERS GX2 is a counterbalance combustion truck for load of 3.5 to 5 tons. It is a heavy, high-precision work horse which will serve you quietly and almost vibration-free. GX2 features a state-of-the-art LPG engine for minimal emissions. The robust diesel engine, with rapid preheating in the GX2 variant, is extremely reliable and easy to start while also meeting stringent STAGE V emission standards. The truck is easy to service using the integrated diagnostics system for rapid troubleshooting and maximum uptime.


Ergonomics is performance’s invisible friend, that is why it is so important in the process of constructing FD-FGE trucks. Decreased operator’s fatigue increases efficiency, reduces errors, maximized safety. The operator’s seat with shock absorption, an armrest, and built-in mini levers for handling hydraulics positively affect the comfort of work.

In a long-term perspective, all of it brings measurable benefits.


A simple press of an ECO button reduces both the noise level and the fuel (LPG) consumption by 18%, for the benefit of both the environment and the user’s wallet. Our motors have to fulfil high requirements, meeting and exceeding current standards of exhaust gases and pollution emission. A THREE-WAY CATALYST in LPG engines is provided as standard. The diesel engine meets the requirements of the STAGE V exhaust emission standard.


The most precious elements of a forklift is the delicate human being.

A PIN code eliminates unauthorized access to the machine.

The Mast Lock System (MLS) blocks hydraulics when the operator leaves the seat.

The Power Protection System (PPS) protects the engine and the transmission from overheating.

Be one step ahead of the operator, for their own safety…. 16xYES.

Additional Fixtures

With its extensive offer of standard fixtures, FD/FGE has always stood out in the crowd.

A complete list of additional options makes it a versatile-application truck.

LED lighting, BLUE SPOT LAMP, Auto Tilt Mast (fork positioning), fork positioning, cabin, half-cabin, special masts… and a lot more.

Define a problem, and we will offer you a solution.


Visits of a service technician should take place as rarely as possible, and be as short as possible for the cost efficiency.

A truck computer with a self-diagnostic system allows for faster fault localization without the need to use special terminals. Thanks to the concept of shared truck components, our mobile service engineers work with a limited number of components, so they can remove over 95% faults during the first visit.

A transparent composition of components in the motor compartment facilitates access to the fault location, shortening repair time as…”the shorter time, the cheaper”.